Educational Visits

Through Time offers school visits to primary schools for the Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Tudor periods. Sessions involve handing objects from the period, practical demonstrations and hands-on activities.

The programme supports the National Curriculum framework for Key Stage Two's Invaders and Settlers and Britain and the wider world in Tudor times, although other areas of the National Curriculum are incorporated and can be included as required. Key Stage One areas can also be covered to suit your requirements. Sessions are flexible and specific arrangements can be made prior to the visit.

Anglo-Saxon Crafts

School visits are conducted by Sarah Glover an experienced archaeologist, re-enactor and educator, who has an up-to-dated enhanced CRB disclosure and is a member of The Vikings, the UK's oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society. She has a particular interest in herbal medicine of the past, which can be presented at sessions.

Through Time can provide a wide variety of learning experiences in full or half day sessions. Typically aspects of daily life and medicine are covered followed by games and stories. Sessions can include a number of topics including:

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

A visit is presented using the character of a Wise Woman and/or Warrior who can cover topics including:

  • Clothing and textiles
  • Food, medicine and health
  • Daily life and childhood
  • Toys and games
  • Crafts and materials
  • Weapons and warfare.
  • Myths and beliefs including stories from the Norse and pagan Gods and the conversion to Christianity.
  • Trade and settlement
National Archaeology Day 2005. Courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum


Anglo-Saxon Discovey Day 2006. Courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum


A visit from the Tudor Wise Woman can cover the following topics:

  • Life for rich and poor
  • Differences in town and country life
  • Food and entertainment
  • Medicine and health
  • Education and childhood
  • Toys, games and dancing
  • Religion
  • Tudor buildings
Tudor Herbal Medicine


Tudor poultice


A visit from an archaeologist (normally a half-day) activities can include:

  • Demonstrating the tools and methods of archaeology
  • Digging for finds
  • Recording and processing finds
  • Handling authentic and replica objects

A visit from the archaeologist can be combined with a tudor, viking or anglo-saxon session to make a complete day

Before a visit the format and content of the day will be decided, and can be catered to specific needs and interests.

Please note that the preferred group size for a session is 30 children with a maximum of 60, although this can be negotiated.

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